APRIL EVENTS – LIVE in NYC, College Tour, TruTV Sketch Comedy


Any day now I will be appearing on TruTV’s Friends of The People. Could be tomorrow. Could be this Summer. Filmed a fun episode the end of February as Frankie the Cabbie. No more for now but keep an eye out for UBER parody sketch…


April 29 I am hosting a show at Molloy College on Long Island.

April 7 back with Gilda’s Club NYC to present a Improv 4 Teens Workshop with camp Sparkle. From now to Labor day we have a K-12 outreach show or workshop almost daily.

ALSO Busy month with LMAO OFF BROADWAY – I am only doing a few of these shows but if you are in the city come on out to a show.


a comedy in one act by Geoffrey Scheer

APRIL 9-11 Back with NEVER OPEN T HE MINI BAR – We won round 1. So we are in the finals. PLEASE come out and show some support. Going to be a great show. And I am up against a lot of kids bringing parents and grandparents most likely. I hate doing these showcases but this script and role are both so good I could not say no – espcially when a great friend is writer/director!!!

Thursday April 9 6:30pm
Friday April 10 6:30pm
Saturday April 11 2pm

PRIEST – Adam Sentoni
RABBI – Jack Coggins
BEAR – Walt Frasier

NOTE TO STUDENTS (never looking but always stumbling into teaching moment) GET ON STAGE as much as possible in these works. There will come a time when you cannot afford to do these. ENJOY being an artist while you still can lol Some of the best work you ever do – artistically – will be in these unpaid showcases.





NEVER OPEN THE MINI BAR at Manhattan Rep March 25-28 – BE THERE


NEVER OPEN THE MINI BAR a comedy in one act by Geoffrey Scheer

Wednesday March 25 9pm
Thursday March 26 9pm
Friday March 27 9pm
Saturday March 28 9pm

PRIEST – Adam Sentoni
RABBI – Jack Coggins
BEAR – Walt Frasier

Come see me on stage in “NEVER OPEN THE MINI BAR” – I actually memorized lines for this https://www.facebook.com/events/802428106459414/

This is the first scripted work I have performed in NYC since 2011 FRINGE FESTIVAL The Seed of Abraham -A Musical at the Bleaker Street Theater.

I loved that production but I swore to never do an unpaid/stipend showcase work again. LOVE THE PROCESS but it takes you out of the game for paid work for too long. Staying at home waiting for the phone to ring is a great idea when it rings often enough. I get emails (via backstage, AA etc) almost daily from young playwrights and student filmmakers offering me an audition to do their show/short film for free. Sorry. Not a snob. Pure economics.

BUT when someone I know and respect offers me a role – w/o having to audition – I have to at least consider it. I love to act. HATE TO AUDITION. AND THEN that script is full of AWESOMENESS – a role I HAVE TO PLAY!!!

I’m in!!! This is a role you have never seen me play. My interpretation has roots in many of my own characters from my life Improvising with Eight is NEVER Enough Improv Comedy Show BUT this is truly something NO ONE has seen be portray yet in many ways it is the role I was born to play.

SO BE THERE OR YOU ARE DEAD TO ME – sorry been watching too much shark tank LOL

THANK YOU Geoffrey Scheer

BTW – for an artist MOST of the amazing work we get to do happens in tiny theaters with no budget. We pay the bills on camera. A few of us on stage. But every day in this city there is tremendous work going virtually unseen. I wish I could do more of that and sometimes I am lucky enough to slip into that world.

NOTE TO STUDENTS (never looking but always stumbling into teaching moment) GET ON STAGE as much as possible in these works. There will come a time when you cannot afford to do these. ENJOY being an artist while you still can lol





2014 in Review – It was a very good year!!!

I cannot complain. 2015 brought me around the world to do what I moved to New York to do. Not only did the Improv show travel all over the East coast and a few gigs farther west, TV jobs took me to Puerto Rico and Norway while I got to know some great upstate theaters playing Santa (an his evil brother Gunta). And I finished the year feeling healthier than I have in ten years.

New York fans will see me less and less in our NYC Improv Comedy Shows and classes. Every time I do a show I miss a phone call for the next gig. While I would rather be on stage with you someone has to be in the office. But we had our best year to date with over 600 shows at K-12 schools, colleges, corporate events, clubs and theaters.

The big take away here is the return of Corporate work. In the past year we did events for Bank of America, Price Waterhouse, Master Card, Sandvik Publishing and Louis Vuitton. LV is now talking about bringing us in for 4 sessions in 2015.


I booked an episode of USA NETWORK’s “Royal Pains”. The 60-minute drama about a Doctor in the Hamptons had a dilemma. March 2014 could not pass for Summer in the Hamptons. Solution? Lets fly to Puerto Rico for a few days. BOO HOO. Not only did I get 3 days on a warm beach, one day of work became a week of pay.


I was just an extra, eating a chef prepared steak (Quite Good BTW) when I start to choke. Knuckle head from the next table tries to give me CPR with breaks a rib and pops a lung. Dr Hank SAVES ME by slicing me open and jabbing a pen in my side to get some air in.

NETFLIX / LILYHAMMER party at Tribeca Grand Hotel

NETFLIX / LILYHAMMER party at Tribeca Grand Hotel

Of course, not to be out down, I get a call to play a speaking role in LILYHAMMER on Netflix. I delivered seven monologues of comedy at Steven Van Zandt’s Club Flamingo. BTW that show films in NORWAY. AWESOME!!! Loved me some Oslo. 4 days in the beautiful city outshone the time on set. I met a lot of great new friends. THANKS to Ellen for casting me. Thanks to the entire cast and crew that made me feel like family. So glad I got to see most of you at the NYC party at the Tribeca Grande. Below you can see the costume I almost wore…




This is how I was dressed when I met Steven Van Zandt. He wore his bandanna. I held a tiny hammer. The helmet made it into the shot. I put it on at the end of the set but that was cut.

Had a feeling. My monologues were way to wordy for TV. But I still had one fat joke in there.






27santa1200December 2014 had 27 Santa and an Elf Called Kevin finally taking a few steps up. We have been showcasing and workshopping this project for 4 years. This year we launched a mini tour with 26 shows planned. The tour promoter dropped the ball a bit but the show was very well received by the audiences we got to play. I love playing Santa but was born to play Gunta. I look forward to a great future with this show.




Sunday November 30 at the #Broadway #Comedy #Club #NYC


Continental Breakfast, Selfies with Santa and ELFPROV
- hilarious interactive musical comedy by the North Pole’s finest comedians by way of Improv 4 Kids

Click here for discount tickets!!! 

9pm: Top Headliners

$5 tickets click here (reg $20-25 at the door)

Keith Alberstadt (Letterman, Bob and Tom Show)
Nore Davis (Amy Schmer Show, Comedy Central, MTV. Russell Simmon’s The Ruckus)
Erin Jackson (Comedy Central)

  • Keith Alberstadt
    Keith Alberstadt
  • Nore Davis
    Nore Davis
  • Erin Jackson
    Erin Jackson

Broadway Comedy Club

318 West 53rd Street

New york Ny 10019

Between 8th & 9th avenue.

1 block form Letterman and Wicked on Broadway



IMPROV THIS: Canadian Cross v Cameo


Often during a scene there is a need for a third character to jump into the action. While two players are performing a scene, a character may be mentioned and a third player off stage may be called upon to play that character to help further the scene along.

Sometimes, additional players can add to painting the picture of a scene by simply doing a Canadian Cross. While Canadians are rarely truly cross with anyone, as they are part British (sometimes the French connection emerges), the Improv technique can be quite useful to add to establishing a stronger where.

As always, LISTEN!!! When on or off stage, every player should be focused on what is going on on-stage. Too often I see (and have offended myself) players ignoring what is going on in a scene and either miss great opportunities or waste by hogging a moment. But when players work together, amazing things happen. Improv looks just like scripted material. A great team looks like they rehearsed on a scene for weeks. Only, because of the spontaneity, it is far more interesting.


Cameos occur when a character is introduced later in a scene. Two players may have called on a third player by mentioning a character.

Be careful! A Cameo should never become a major player in the scene. A cameo should enhance the story being told by the lead characters and a player entering the scene should never steal focus.


A Canadian Cross should be merely for background. The player(s) should pass quickly in and out without stealing focus.

For example…

At a stadium, a vendor could walk by with popcorn

At tennis match, the ball boy/girl can sweep through

At beach, swimmer could run and splash through the water

Each CC helps the audience imagine a stronger WHERE

Sometimes a Canadian Cross can help add something to a scene.

In a park, it starts to rain… In comes an Umbrella Salesperson… A quick transactions saves our players form getting wet… Third Player quickly exits…

In this video, we accidentally displayed a Canadian Cross. Laurice and Meg are doing a scene about a Unicorn. Audience volunteer is obsessed with Canada. I made three quick passes establishing Canadian references. I actually stole too much focus to be a true Canadian Cross, but because I was playing “Canadian” (horribly lol), Laurice calls it out “Canadian Cross” (Add rim shot for Improv folks in the room) 

Sound was horrible so I just left in the highlights of my “Canadian” crosses


(c) 2012 SGF PRODUCTIONS, LLC  by Walt Frasier – a founding member of Eight Is Never Enough Improv comedy and its divisions LMAO OFF BROADWAY, IMPROV 4 KIDS and IMPROV 4 TEENS. Weekly Shows & Classes in NYC and touring Nationwide




27 Santas and an Elf Called Kevin adds Shows in NYC

27 Santas and an Elf Called Kevin adds Shows in NYC

The new holiday musical is a hit with New York families


Sunday, November 23, 2014 New York, NY – Due to popular demand, 27 Santas and an Elf Called Kevin is adding New York City Performances for the holiday vacation week. The 60-minute holiday show, with original book and music by Andy Street and Jonathan Kydd, will play at the Broadway Comedy Club in Times Square and tour area theaters December 7-28, 2014. Tickets to the Manhattan performances can be purchased for $30-60 via Ovationtix (866-811-4111) For more tour dates and discount tickets to NYC performances online go to www.nysanta.us.

andystreetThe production is to be directed by the show’s composer, Andy Street. Mr. Street has been developing this project for the past four years while still working as musical associate and vocal coach for American Idol on FOX. Mr. Street has also written for other Nigel Lythgoe productions including “So You Think You Can Dance”. Children of all ages have heard Mr. Streets original compositions in many of the popular children’s TV shows in the past decades. Most known for the award winning “Madeline”, Mr. Street has composed and arranged for “Strawberry Shortcake”, “Angelina Ballerina”, “Double Dragon”, “Hurricanes” and “Ultraforce”.

Mr. Street is very excited to be bringing a variation of the British Holiday Pantomime to the New York stage. The theatrical form is a huge hit on nearly every West End stage in London during the holidays. Silly slap-stick fun for all ages is combined with witty banter, great music and even some dance, with the help of Choreographer, Kelly Dacus-Smith.

A troupe of performers take on multiple characters, headed by Walt Frasier (Lilyhammer, Royal Pains, Blue Bloods) as both Santa and the evil twin Gunta. Patrick Reidy takes on the other title role, Kevin, but also appears as McNasty the Goblin. Elizabeth Greenfeld, William Goulet Kean, and Laurice Fattal all play multiple characters from elves, reindeer and a few other characters you will just have to witness for yourself.

The award-winning producing team of Randy Donaldson (Scottsboro Boys, Pee Wee Herman, Triassic Parq, Falling for Eve), John Velasco-Mills and Marc Jacobson invite you to this wonderful show that is sure to become a permanent New York City holiday destination.

27 Santas and an Elf Called Kevin at the Broadway Comedy Club; 318 West 53rd Street, New York, NY 10019; Runtime 60-minutes; $30-60; Ovationtix 866-811-4111; Dec  7 1p ,4p, Dec 28 11a, 1:30p

27 Santas and an Elf Called Kevin at the Paramount Theater; 1008 Brown Street, Peekskill, NY 10566; $29-39; 914 739 0039; Dec 13, 14 1p, 3:30p

27 Santas and an Elf Called Kevin at the Emelin Theater; 153 Library Lane, Mamaroneck, NY 10543; $29-49 914.698.0098; Dec 17-21 11a, 1p, 3p, 6p




Improv 4 Kids adds shows for Holidays #Broadway #Comedy #Club #NYC

Improv 4 Kids adds shows for Holidays

Bring out the whole family for live theater this season!


Pictured: (L to R) Laurice Fattal, Paul DeGrocco, Amelia Fowler, Patrick Reidy at the Broadway Comedy Club

Tuesday, November 18, 2014 New York, NY – They say this winter might be another force to reckon, so preempt cabin fever by taking the entire family to Improv 4 Kids this December at the Broadway Comedy Club (318 West 53rd Street, New York, NY 10019). The interactive musical comedy is improvised every Saturday at 3pm. Tickets for the off Broadway show run just $25-45 (via Ovationtix 866-811-4111).

Once again the cast is adding shows for the holiday break. From December 26-30, 2014, there will be a 3pm show daily.  Introduce out of town guests to the hilarious skits and songs based on audience suggestions and participation.

If you have not seen the show before, prepare to take lots of pictures (Producer says video is OK too!) as the cast invites your future stars on stage to help with the action. Many of the games require audience participation while the entire show is created on the spot based on audience suggestions.  Imagine “Whose Line IS It Anyway” meets an Off Broadway Review with a touch of Nickelodeon to boot.

Get your tickets early as these shows do sell out. VIP tickets to shows reserves stage side seat and include a beverage. General Admission requires a beverage purchase.

Starting Thanksgiving weekend, a variation of the show, ELFPROV, can be seen in conjunction with Breakfast with Santa. Tickets for these morning shows Nov 29-Dec 7 include continental breakfast (lots of Santa’s favorite yummy carbs, coffee & juice), selfies with Santa (bring your own camera) and an interactive comedy show from the Elves. Each morning ends with a holiday carol sing-a-long. There is no additional purchase required for Breakfast with Santa.

Improv 4 Kids, the outreach and family programming form EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH, hosts student field trips seven daily for shows and workshops. The touring company can be found nationwide at K-12 schools, camps and non-profits. The company also offers public classes in NYC. Public shows are popular destinations for birthday parties, scouts and family outings.

For more information about private events and groups sales to public shows and classes contact SGF PRODUCTIONS at 212-568-6560 or visit www.improv4kids.com.


Improv 4 Kids at the Broadway Comedy Club; 318 West 5rd Street, New York, NY 10019; Near Columbus Circle and Times Square trains; Saturdays 3pm; Dec 26, 28, 29, 30 3pm; Runtime: 75 minutes; $25-45 via Ovationtix 866-811-4111; Group Sales via SGF PRODUCTIONS 212-568-6560



NYC Field Trips

NYC Field Trips

Starring in 27 Santas and an Elf Called Kevin Tour

Many of you know I often play Santa as a way to make extra cash for the winter. For past ten years I have grown than business and very proud of the smiles on kids of all ages I bring along with my elf friends. In recent years we have made many trips to Arthur Ave as well as 20-30 private/corporate events. For the 7th year in a row I will be dropping the Winter Ball Fundraiser for CONCERN WORLDWIDE

Well now I am very excited to announce that “27 Santas and an Elf Called Kevin” – a project I have been with for four years in form or another – is finally taking stage for real. In the past 3 years we have run online fundraising campaigns, showcases and workshop productions. Last year we ran a few public shows to test the market and the show itself with a real audience. But now, we are headed to some big theaters for the first of many future holiday tours. QUICK LINK TO DISCOUNT TICKET TO NYC PERFORMANCES

Thank you to Producers Randy Donaldson, Marc Jacobson and John Velasco-Mills for trusting me with such an iconic character. And I am really looking forward to working with Composer, Andy Street. Mr. Street will also be directing the new production as a British style Pantomime. This holiday show style can be found at every West End Stage during the holidays and we think the New York crowds are going to love it!!!

Also check our ELFPROV at Breakfast with Santa. ELFPROV was a huge hit at the PA Mall Saturday and will be touring schools this December.

nysanta2014Off Broadway, New York
Broadway Comedy Club
318 West 53rd Street, New York, NY 10019
Sun, Dec 7 @ 1 & 4pm
1pm DISCOUNT LINK – 1/2 price tickets via my unique links

Paramount Theater, Peekskill, NY
1008 Brown Street, Peekskill, NY 10566 914 739 0039
Sat-Sun, Dec 13-14 @ 1 & 3:30pm

Emelin Theater, Mamaroneck, NY
153 Library Lane, Mamaroneck NY 10543 914.698.0098
Wed-Fri, Dec 17-19 @ 11am, 1, 3, & 6pm
Sat-Sun, Dec 20-21 @ 11am. 1, 4, & 6pm


WHO’s WHO Production

ANDY STREET, for the past 10 years has
worked on the popular show, American Idol,
as musical associate and vocal coach.
Television programs featuring the music of
Andy Street are watched in over 100 countries
throughout our world. His compositions,
arrangements and musical direction have
won many major industry awards in England,
Europe and the United States. Increasingly in
demand in the U.S he composed all the
music and songs for “Madeline” an animated
series which won a Cable Ace Award in 1994
and an Emmy in 2002. Other work on
animated series includes “Hurricanes”,
“Double Dragon” and “Ultraforce”. Further
animation includes many series of
“Strawberry Shortcake” a huge hit around the
world, and recently “Angelina Ballerina” which
airs on PBS in the USA.

JONATHAN KYDD Hi there. I’m an actor. But I
also voice stuff and make films and videos
and write songs . Which I then perform (in!). I’
ve written three musicals and a variety of hour
long shows featuring comedy bands (which I’
ve been in) and a number of video blogs,
mostly about football. I’ve also made two
comedy short films and a lot of videos. I
podcast about football as well. This site
attempts to reflect all these diverse things I
get up to that are still all entertainment
based! So there are many vids and sound
clips and voice over segments and short
films and songs I’ve written or been in or
sung or am in or doing at this moment!

RANDY DONALDSON Broadway Producer
“Pee Wee Herman”, “Scottsboro Boys” Off
Broadway “Triassic Parq”