In the past 10 years, Walt Frasier has hosted corporate teams from JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, BDO, Twitter, Louis Vuitton, Coach, BMW, BING/Microsoft, Ernst & Young, GM, Kraft, AMEX, Master Card, Edy’s Grande Ice Cream, Edible Arrangements,  and 100s more smaller firms. We host at our Times Square theater and tour nationwide.  EMAIL for for more information about booking shows, workshops and holiday events.

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Corporate Team Building Improv Comedy


Walt Frasier’s signature workshop for corporate teams breaks down walls of ego and insecurity with laughs while building a strong sense of team. For 60-120 minutes you play a series of games that develop Improv skills while teaching public speaking, self confidence, and listening skills. The team works together to create original scenes and stories. Everyone benefits from the creativity and critical thinking training. Throughout the workshop, Walt Frasier ties in corporate philosophy and tips. Team Leaders are encouraged to use these games before big meetings to loosen up the staff. Frasier highlights PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFETY, the number one reason for a successful team, according to a 4-year study by Google.

These workshops can be hosted at our TIMES SQUARE theater or sent anywhere nationwide.


Before or after the workshop a show allows the team to unwind and continue the laughs. For holiday parties and other office gatherings we often just perform the show.

Improv Comedy shows by EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH deliver hilarious comedy skits and songs created on the spot based on your teams suggestions. The highly interactive show invites many from the audience on stage to more directly steer the comedy.

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Psychological safety was recognized as the number one cause for a team’s success via a 4-year study by Google.  NY TIMES: What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team

Improv is a fun way to help your team achieve Psychological Safety. Our #1 governing rule, YES AND…, is all about supporting everyone on the team. We help you enter the LEARNING ZONE, where performance drive is balanced with a supportive environment and everyone on the project feels they have value on the team. This requires the entire team and management to be on board.

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Amy Edmondson, Behavioral Psychologist,  asks the following…

  1. If you make a mistake on this team, it is often held against you.
  2. Members of this team are able to bring up problems and tough issues.
  3. People on this team sometimes reject others for being different.
  4. It is safe to take a risk on this team.
  5. It is difficult to ask other members of this team for help.
  6. No one on this team would deliberately act in a way that undermines my efforts.
  7. Working with members of this team, my unique skills and talents are valued and utilized.


NO CATERING OPTIONS – for morning and afternoon shows & workshops we can offer w/o any food or drink, OR you can even cater as you like. We simply charge for talent and space rental. However, due to health department issues, it is all or nothing. If we cater, no outside food allowed, and if you cater we cannot use our facility for food and beverage. But with websites like EZCATER, Seamlessweb or Grubhub, you can order food and treat our facility like you would your own for an office lunch.

BREAKFAST – Have a fun morning workshop with coffee & donuts. Also juice, bottled water, assorted yogurts and fruit. NOthing fancy but enough carbs and caffeine to get all going.

LUNCH – platters of wraps, salads, chips, cookies and beverages included. Catered from a local kosher deli. Most popular day time option.

HAPPY HOUR – our pre-fixe include 2 drink tickets and finger foods – sliders, wings, fries, chips and variety of dips (Hummus, Guacamole, Queso, Salsa and various sauces for wings, etc). Great after work hang out menu. More than enough food to call dinner.

COCKTAIL PARTY – More than enough for dinner at a holiday party, passed numerous hors d’oeuvres, display platters of fruit, salads, veggies, cheeses, and antipasti plus Open bar for up to 3 hours.

Need Gluten Free and/or vegan options, no problem. This may affect prices but we can handle almost any request.


ARRIVAL – Start the day with a mini buffet of bite sized bagels, donuts, muffins, cheeses, fruit, and yogurts with coffee and juice.

MORNING WORKSHOP – Learn Improv Comedy and discover how to work together better as a team.

LUNCH – Platters of wraps, salads, chips, cookies, plus non alcoholic beverages (Beer & Wine package available at Happy Hour rates)

SHOW – Relax and unwind with a show as you wrap up lunch. The interactive nature continues the team building.

AFTERNOON MEETING – (OPTIONAL) but teams find this is the best time to plan for the future, launch a new campaign, hash out some issues etc. Work it out while the team is focused and the walls are down.



PICTURED: 2007 at the Laugh Factory NYC, Walt Frasier as Santa with Morgan Stanley CEO, John Mack. During the cocktail party the entire cast greeted guests as elves and Mrs Claus. As the groups filed into the main dining hall, everyone ditched their holiday character garb and present a hilarious improvised comedy show for their Risk Management Division.