LIVE Classes return to Times Square April 10, 2021, BUT we will continue online offerings till further notice.

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Walt Frasier works with corporate teams form JP Morgan Chase, BDO and BING at the Broadway Comedy Club, home of his off-Broadway shows and classes for kids, teens and adults.


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Performing Improv, Sketch and Stand-Up Comedy in 2002, I was a full time working comic by 2005. In the past 18+ years I have performed over 5000 comedy show at top NYC clubs, off-Broadway and touring theaters, schools and corporate/private events. It was working as a comin in the clubs that lead to my first bookings on TV and eventually landing an manager/agent.

Teaching was never a goal, but fate came knocking in 2009 when the Comedy Hall of Fame pegged me to head up their new outreach program. After talking to every major school in town, my experience working with K12 schools, via Improv 4 Kids shows and workshops, brought their leadership to our theater.

By 2011 I opened my own Times Square school, with three students, as regulars of our shows begged us to host classes. Unlike most NYC Improv houses, we were performance focused. We were not an indy team showcasing. We were not a comedy school. So I was completely shocked when my students started winning competitions and getting booked on TV shows in recent years. I mean this as no disrespect to their amazing talents and hard work. I simply was not trying to create a factory of professional comics NOR did I have any clue what else was out there.

When we shut down, 2020 was looking to be our best year yet. Thankfully we had built up our school. By April 1, we had 30 students online weekly. By September, I had already logged 1000+hours teaching and performing online. So I wrote the book, IMPROV on ZOOM to accommodate my recently published STAND-UP COMEDY.

Now as we return to live I am so excited to announce TWO of my talented teen students will be series regulars on Disney Plus this year. That’s all I can say for now (NDAs, perhaps I’ve said too much)

We will continue to offer online classes and private shows/workshops as per client needs. REMOTE learning and work is a thing of the future for millions so we intend to meet those demands.

BE A SPONGE Excerpt from Stand Up Comedy by Walt Frasier Now Available via Amazon Kindle

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BE A SPONGE (Final Chapter)

I will leave you with the 90-10 rule.

Trivia Night is filled with trivial knowledge. 90% of all things you learning life are a waste of your time. (Keep reading or I will really be in trouble).

About 10% of everything you learn, from book learning to street advice, is important to your future. (KEEP READING!!!!)

The secret is, now, no matter how old or young you are, you have no clue which 10% will save your life someday. As a comedian, every time you don’t pay attention in class, you are losing potential material for the future. You limit your knowledge base.

Even if you think you have your whole life mapped out, how many adults do you know are doing what they planned?

In the middle of a pandemic, 48-year-old me is writing a book on stand-up comedy, spending 30 hours/week via ZOOM, working with kids, teens and adults, teaching stand-up and improv comedy, and performing live shows streamed on Facebook. 13-year old me (about to enter high school with a math/science focus) and 17-year-old me (about to go to college as a Trumpet major) have no idea how this happened. Let’s forget about 25-year-old me that moved to New York to do Broadway and Opera.

At every strange turn, because I listened, and because I was a sponge in my youth, I was armed with a wealth of knowledge that lets me adjust to every stumble and fork in the road.

I have known many comics, actors, singers, writers and directors rise to great success. I have seen many more give up, rarely because they lacked talent. They lacked focus. They lacked the ability to take rejection. They lacked the ability to bounce back from those dips in the path. They ignored things like ROI. They listened to advice from other waiters, instead of working artists.

I don’t recommend this business to anyone. There are far better ways to pay the rent. Hundreds of old friends (And these days I do mean OLD) still perform for fun in community theater, or they drop by Open Mics between their day jobs. Some of them even get some work on TV before returning to the office the next Monday morning.

Either way….

Keep having fun. Keep smiling. Keep delivering the laughs on and off stage. I cannot guarantee financial success, but the ROI in life will be immense.


Walt Frasier has now released two books geared at inspiring creative writing and critical thinking in teens and children as young as eight years old.

Read both books via Kindle, FREE via KindleUnlimited or just $7.99 each for the paperback edition. Click image above to connect to Amazon.

Check out Walt Frasier’s school of comedy, acting and music. Based out of Times Square, he and his team have classes and shows almost daily online for kids, teens and adults.


We are very excited to move to a subscription style service for online classes to maximize the value to our students and their parents. Get unlimited access to FOUR WEEKS of classes for just $125. Select the date/time of the first class you wish to attend. See below for current class offerings. Not ready to commit? You can sign up for ONE class for $25. FOUR classes for $75. ZOOM links sent after registration.